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Maximise your capital growth potential by learning
how to time the market and uncover hot spot suburbs.

Grow Your Portfolio Faster By Investing In High Performing Suburbs

Each year some suburbs in Australia significantly outperform others, giving investors more growth, better returns and reduced risk.

By timing the market you can take advantage of above-average growth to grow your portfolio faster and minimise your risks.

Our data-driven approach allows you to quickly analyse suburbs to uncover the areas most likely for growth so you can get on the rocket ship before it takes off!

Take The Guesswork Out of Suburb Selection

Every property investor has the experience of telling a friend or family member that they are going to invest in an area only be told not to invest in that area for some obscure reason.

While this advice is often well meaning it can leave you frozen and scared to move forward with confidence leading to missed opportunities and analysis paralysis.

Cut through the clutter and gain confidence to invest through our 7-point investor checklist and our 16-point in depth suburb analysis guide.

Remove the guesswork and invest with confidence by understanding exactly why each data point matters and what they mean for a suburbs potential future growth.

Minimise Your Risk and Avoid Bad Areas

Investing in the wrong suburb can have devastating effects on your property portfolio and cost you years on your journey to financial freedom.

Avoiding potential downside is arguably the most important part of suburb selection.

In The Secrets To High Growth Suburbs you'll learn how to spot red flags quickly and easily so you can avoid high-risk, low-performing areas and focus your time and energy on the best possible suburbs.

Everything You Need To Succeed

The Secrets To High Growth Suburbs Course is packed with everything you need to find high performing suburbs and accelerate your property investment success

Suburb Checklist

Simple 1 page checklist makes analysing suburbs easy

Suburb Analyser

Quickly compare hundreds of potential suburbs

Video Training

18 indepth training videos teaching you exactly how to find high quality suburbs

Data Driven

Data driven analysis gives you complete confidence in your results

6 Years of Success!

For over 6 years we have been helping investors from all over the world take a data-driven approach to uncover the highest quality suburbs and successfully invest in property.


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